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According to the American Heart Association survey African-American and Hispanic women have a higher prevalent rate of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome than white women.

But according to this survey they're lest likely to know that the bad habit of smoking, physical inactivity, and a family  that has a history of heart disease increases these risks.

Though they have been substantial gains for African-American women the gains are lower for  Hispanic women.

In this survey of 1,024 respondents 44percent of white women view being overweight as a risk factor. Only 36 percent of Black or Hispanic women, had this awareness.

This survey found that awareness of the connection between family history and the risk of heart disease was 35 percent for white women, but only. Only 22 percent of Hispanic women and 12 percent of African-American women were aware of this fact.

"The percentage of Hispanic women who reported seeing, hearing or reading information on heart disease in the past 12 months dropped from 68 percent in the 2000 survey to 61 percent in 2003.That was significantly behind the 82 percent and 74 percent reported for white and African-American women."

While 40 percent of white women had discussions with their doctors about heart disease. Only 30 percent of Hispanic women, and 38 percent for African-American women did.


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