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Myopia and Xenophobia
: The Politics of Self-preservation

October 1, 2006       Commentary Archives

There isn't a hot-button issue that holds political appeal, like one that sets out to conquer by division. This coming election will see issues of gay marriage, affirmative action, minimum wage, and yes, illegal immigration. Myopia and xenophobia will find common ground, in the politics of self-preservation in the coming elections.

 Since the illegal immigration debate began. the states have shown little patients in waiting for the federal government to legislate control of this problem. I'm absolutely bemused by all the activity coming from the states. It can all turn into a wash. Since immigration is a federal domain.

Most of the political pundits agree, this elections can change the makeup of the U.S senate and a significant shift in the house of representatives. The American peoples contempt for the war in Iraq has a sweet smell for the democrats, but do not underestimate the hot-button issue of  illegal immigration.

The rush to implement somekind, any kind of legislation is an indication that illegal immigration is going to be a force in this years election. Interestingly enough, poll numbers are running high for some sort of amnesty  for illegal immigrants that are already in the country.

Getting tough

 Still some of the  legislative language coming out of these states, indicates that illegal immigration will be political fodder for the coming elections.

Let's take Rhode Island as an example. Children, though they be legally in this country, but not U.S citizen will not receive health care benefits from the state.

The Pennsylvania city of Hazelton has in recent months received national attention for a law that was passed back on July 13th. the first of the toughest of illegal immigration laws any where in the country. Other states such as Colorado and Georgia has followed with similar laws. At  the writing of this piece there could be more.

The Hazelton bill seeks to strip employers of license for hiring illegal immigrants and charge landlords $1000.00 per day for renting to them. add to this, a prevision in this legislation to make English the official language (curious). clearly these efforts are an attempt to keep illegal immigrants out of the community.

At the end of the day immigration is a federal domain. for all their legislative efforts the states could find themselves trumpeted by what ever laws the congress passes.

So why all the bother. states are acting out of frustration with the congress' inability to come together with solutions on this issue. these undocumented aliens weighs heavily on states resources.

But outside of driving these illegal immigrants from a particular community. what is the expectation for them? Other than going to a less restrictive community.



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