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Philly Carnival 2006
 As the Banner for the Barbados contingent for this renewal of Phila carnival proclaims "On the Road Again."

Yes Philadelphia Multi Cultural Carnival Association, Philly Carnival is back on the road in Fairmont Park, with a little modification in the route of travel. 

Starting at Parkside at the Mann center for the performing Art, directly to  the front of the Memorial Hall staging area,  in Fairmont Park.

My unscientific observation of the many coming out to support the event, is that there was little let up in the numbers Compared to say 2004. The year 2005 did not see a celebration.

I can't speak for all of the vendors, but if a waiting list of some 6 or so patrons for a coco meal is any indication. The Barbados food vendor seem to be doing well.

In one lighthearted moment a patron's  frustration over the waiting time for his meal, seriously suggest that he be allowed to  stir the Coco. He was promptly informed, that it was already being stirred. I thought that was very funny, It was so reminiscent of our culture.

Philly Carnival 2006.jpg