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Philadelphia Flower Show: Legends of Ireland
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, brings an Iris flavor, including live entertainment, to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For the 2007 Philadelphia Flower Show.

The main entrance display, the "Living Wall" in the first thumbnail sets the stage for the four-part Celtic inspired theme.

Seen through the arch of the Living Wall is "The Spiral Knot Garden."

"The Spiral Knot Garden" is described as "a 40 feet conical planter with flowers arranged in iconic Irish symbols," with a harp at the center.

As you pass through the Arch of the Living Wall, slightly to the right a wooded area comes into view. This is" Ealain Wood."

Ealain Wood is a display of tall trees and wood sprites, that provided the desired  feel of an ancient forest.

The fourth thumbnail is "Castle of the Emerald Kindom," with a view of the entertainment stage.
This castle is said to be representative of true Irish architecture.

 As I left the feature display to be awed by the usual exciting gardens and displays.  My senses reached another level when I saw the impressive display of miniature garden landscape which I'd not seen before, outside of Bonsai displays.

Main entrance: "Living Wall"
The Ealain" Wood"

"The Spiral Knot Garden"

"Castle of the Emerald Kindom"

MinitureGarden Landscape

Mammilaria Prolifera


Ferocatust Glaucescens

BMC Triumphal

MinitureGarden Landscape

Laurus Nobilis

Rhododendron Cv
Rhododendron CV

Lavandula Stoechas
Neoregelia Albomarginata
MinitureGarden Landscape

Myrtus Communis

Pachy podium

MinitureGarden Landscape


Echeveria Agavoides Hybrid

Nepenthes 'Miranda'

Echevria Setosa Ciliata

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