New York Halloween

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New York's Halloween parade '06

This is the 33rd anniversary of the New York City Halloween parade.

This is the 30th anniversary of the New York City Halloween parade. As crowds jammed the side
walks from Spring Street to 23rd street along 6th avenue in Greenwich Village -- quite the appropriate venue.

So crowded was the side walk,  that before the Halloween parade got on the way,  the New York
Police department found it necessary to move the barricades. Moving them from the curb to approx.
five feet into the streets to ease the side walk congestion.

But then again, this is New York City and everybody came out for the Halloween parade: Super heroes, super villains, classic story characters, cross-dressers, dominatrix,  lesbians, and homosexuals.
I don't know who had  more fun, the participants or us observers.



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