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Virtual Melting Pot

I have received inquires as to the physical appearance of a melting pot. For the purposes of this Web Site's
contents a melting pot is (a social mosaic), a concept.
A mixing, a gelling, if you will, (see Webster's dictionary) it is functionally symbolic of  the  actual cooking utensil

Where many bits of food stuff (carrots, potatoes, etc.)
are cooked together, mostly in an outdoor communal
setting. It conjures up an image of an oversized discolor-
ed cast iron pot.

This cast iron pot represents the city. The graphic to the
right is my rendition of such a place. Sterile by compar-
ison don't you think? Exactly! A colorful view, a positive
view of many social, ethnic and racial groups.

People in a singular space (a city, a country) the many
flavors resulting from this blending of disparate sources
(many different countries).

"Stone Soup"

Let me share a story with you in which a physical
melting pot  played a central role. This story is called
"Stone Soup."

The setting for this story is a 18th century French
village. Where, upon the return of the soldiers, the
villagers closed up their windows and locked their doors.

They feared the soldiers will take the little food they had
left. But the wise leader of the soldiers observing this
behavior, astutely asked his men to fill the cooking pot
(melting pot) with water and then throw some stones into
it -- surely the war had taken it's toll on this fellow.

Someone once said to me, a picture is worth a thousand words; If you
have to explain it, you didn't make the point.

My answer to that. Tell 'em what they think it is: a universal concept of a
city, it's suburbs, connectivity, and cultural events. This is my "Virtual
Melting pot."

The villagers peeking out their windows, -- probably expecting
the crashing of battering rams at any moment. Observing this
curious behavior, they proceeded sympathetically -- an attack of
conscience--to take some of their variety of food stuff to add to
the pot. The moral (motto) of this story? Actually there're a
number of them. Choose yours. The focus here is the concept
of a melting pot.

You there, at the back of the class! yes, you!  What did you
take from the story of stone soup? His answer: You can cook
rocks...I mean stones but you can't eat 'em! ha, ha. Seriously,
this story surrounding a cooking utensil (a physical melting
pot) sets up the concept of a social melting pot very nicely.

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