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Philadelphia Mural Arts

In our continuing effort to celebrate the richness of our neighborhoods we take a look at Philadelphia' neighborhood Mural Art Gallery. These very professional efforts are community involved undertakings made possible through grants and business sponsorships. Seen through to fruition, by dedicated artist. In some cases painting in neighborhoods off the beaten path, to put it mildly.

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But it speaks for itself. A Puerto Rican rural lodging called a casita, in its natural environment. Artist: Danny Torres
"Fiesta dancers" "Fiesta dancers"
The writing top left reads: Puerto Rico:
Naturaleza y cultura(nature and culture) Artist: Jamuel Lind
"History of Puerto Rico" "History of Puerto Rico"
The neighborhood calls this one,
raices (roots). Painting: A. Pearson
Design: B. Gesshel

 Mural arts Domestic violence "In Memory of Itiya Rodriguez" 1774-1995.Stop Domestic violence
Artists:  Jane Golden, Jason Slowik, Barbara Smolen, Craig Turner
"Streets of West Philadelphia"
Eric Okdeh

P1010025_phila_mural_arts_thm.jpg "Renewing Seasons" Cliff Eubanks Jr.
"Butterflies of the Caribbean" "Butterflies of the Caribbean"
This work celebrates the community's transformation.  So you have a sense
of the depth of the murals arts program;
the community youth had a hand in
making the tiles that are part of this mural.
Artist: Salvador Gonzalez
Celebration of Community "Celebration of Community" Artist: Jane Degenhardt-Kutzer
Theatre of life "The Theatre of Life"
Artist: Meg Seligman, Heather Fenton, Sculptural artist, Juan Damedia, Mosaic Artist, Jessica Pepino, Efrain Herrera, Barb Bellis, Elizabeth New, Micheal Okum, Trinh Tran, Bill Gregg
"Tropical Landscape with Water Fall" "Tropical Landscape with Water Fall"
This piece is true to the Puerto Rican neighborhood in which it is located. This Mural continues across the
street to  another building.
Artist: Anne Uribe
"Dubois and Engine 11" "The legacy of WEB Dubois and Engine 11"
The first fire station African Americans were allowed to work as Fire men.
Artist: Willis Humphrey, Adam Farrell

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