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Jersey City Carnival  "You can't stop the music, nobody can stop the music ..." Reminding me of some words of the the Village people disco hit.

There was the looming threat of rain and wind gust. Many of us I'm sure, thought things were going to get ugly, fast. But it came and ended just as quickly. All things considered, the weather cooperated. The parade was smooth, The festival was rocking. The M.C at the review  stand for the parade, complimented the enthusiasm in the street,

My only disappointments had nothing to do with the festivities. We were not allowed to use the boardwalk. The reason given,  when I asked a police officer at the scene. "People who can't hold their liquor, think they can swim," However, it is normally open during regular times.

About exchange Place, New Jersey
Jersey City Caribbean Carnival

Jersey City Caribbean parade and  festival

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