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First Government

The birthplace of the United States. Independence Hall was the meeting place of the 13 original colonies called the continental congress. In July 4th of 1776 they met to adopt the declaring of independence. It will also serve as the capitol building during the revolution war.

Four years after the revolutionary war the constitutional convention met at Independence Hall to form a new government, and on September 17, 1787 a new constitution was agreed on.

From 1732 to 1799 Independence Hall also served as the capital of Pennsylvania. Within these walls laws were passed. The supreme court and the governors council did business here.

Independance Hall Independence Hall
Carpenter Hall Carpenter Hall
The first continental congress convened at Carpenter Hall in September of1774 to address to King George the violation of liberties by the British government and the restoration of rights.
Senate HallSenate Hall
Liberty Bell Liberty Bell: Arguably the most recognized symbol in the world. Liberty Bell as it is popularly known got its name from Friends, abolitionist who adopted it as a symbol of their cause.

 Liberty Bell weighs 2000lbs, its composition is 70percent copper, 25 percent thin. Other materials include lead, zinc, arsenic, gold and silver.

Congress Hall Congress Hall
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