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Don't Believe It: How lies become  news
Alexandra Kitty

The Bush fabrications on Iraq. The Dan Rather flap, and more recently the New York times snafu on John McCain's supposed thirst with a lobbyist. Competition to break the news first is all important. As a result, the truth is left begging for attention.

A series of two books written by Douglas Rushkoff, was reviewed here in this site, Media Virus and Coercion. Two well written  informed books on the frightening reality of how the news media, manipulates us through disinformation.

  Is there still anyone who believes outright, what they see on the news?.

Don't Believe it: How Lies Become News, is just one of many books that seek to inform us, and shake us out of our complacency.

In an information based society, all it takes to change the course of the world are the right words and context. Truth and objectivity finish last...

Kitty reveals how often our reality has been shaped by media deception....

Don't Believe It! takes us back to many of the media hoaxes, in the past, (you will recognize many of them) that serves to remind us,  that in the race to be first in breaking the news. Objectivity and the truth are left behind.

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