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Health Issues

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Cancer Causes and Preventions

Are we so helpless that we just go through life hoping that we don't become cancer victims. Or is prevention within our power. Well the good news is, it's preventable. While some of us are predisposed to certain cancers through family linkage. The bottom line is cancer prevention starts with a healthy lifestyle.

Now we've heard about almost all of them. probably the most common breast, lung, prostate, cervical, colon, kidney, bladder, Leukemia, esophageal, and the list runs up to 120 I'm told with about 50 of them family connected.

All-in-all like every thing else. The best cancer prevention starts with being informed.

What causes cancer? Well there are hundreds of cofactors most of them relating to poor life style. If the cause could be put in general terms. It would be poor diet, smoking, stress, toxic build up in the body, and work place exposure to chemicals.

The purpose of this piece is to refer you to a resource of comprehensive information to help you understand this terrible disease, and how you can improve you life style choices to avoid it.

You've, of course, heard that the home is high on the list of polluted spaces.
Just look at the shelves chocked with chemicals in the grocery stores: Detergents, air fresheners, and many others. These products have all been identified as containing chemicals that put our health at risk.

This is a huge life style issue if you ask me. Bear in mind that label has many hidden secrets. For instance. Companies are only responsible for listing the active ingredients in their products. Some of the nasty stuff which isn't considered active isn't listed.

  The first resource I think is a very comprehensive point of view of the causes of cancer. What is actually causing CANCER ?
  Death begins in the colon: colon cleansing: Colon Cleansing, Constipation, IBS, Colonix, Cleanse, Detox Online Resource
  This site looks at cancer causing agents: glues and varnish causes bone marrow diseases like Leukemia. X-rays and  radium causes skin cancer.
Cancer Causing Agents - Carcinogens - Cancer information on Medicine

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The rate of new cases of breast cancer is increasing. Estimates are that 2006  will see some 212,920 new cases of breast cancer in American women.
Do you know that touching your self is the best way of catching this disease early.

Essential for survival! Are you aware that white women have a higher incidence of breast cancer than Black women. Yet the mortality rate for Black women is higher.

Please learn how to touch yourself!
Breast Cancer Prevention Information by
Breast Cancer Prevention - National Cancer Institute
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

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