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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri)

It was a pleasure to be back at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where the very popular Japanese Hill and Pond Garden designed by Japanese landscape designer was opened in 1951. Also designed by Takeo Shiota: the shrine "Inari," God of the harvest and protector of plants.

Here in the garden pond  sits the "Torii." The marquee reads :"Torii which represents the presence of the shrine nestled among the pines on the hill beyond. The shrine is dedicated to the Shinto God of the harvest protector of plants." The inscription on the front of the Torii reads, "Dai-mya-jin, great illuminating Deity, or spirit of light."

In the Meadow, "Butoh dance" as it's called, can be best described (by the uninitiated) as a horizontal mime of some
sort. With painted-white performers assuming a semicircle in the meadow while slowly going through different motions, from a horizontal position. Meanwhile there're simultaneous Japanese mime and music performances in the auditorium.

The center of activity is always the
Cherry Blossom Esplanade Stage.
Here enjoying the peace and serenity
of this lovely garden, is an especially
unique experience this time of year.

"The Cherry Blossom Festival,"
(Sakura Matsuri) is a celebration of
Japanese culture; the annual
right of spring celebration, in the
essential melting pot, New York City.

During the "Amateur group" perform-
ance of the "Flower Hat Dance," ––
In what in my estimation was the
highlight of the evening––all at
once, without missing a beat, these
dancers were stepping in colorful
symphony, with parasols spinning,
to a recording of Frank Sinatra
singing "New York, New York."
The packed tent appreciated this.
My word! exciting stuff.

Large photo here!
Sakura Matsuri Program
Hill and Pond Garden


1 musicians

3 Flower hat dance
4 Flower hat dance

5 Flower hat Dance

6 Flower hat Dance

7 Flower hat dance

8 Flower Hat Dance
9 Lion Dance

10 Japanese maple
11 Flower cherry close up

12 Flowering cherry

2 Crabapple

14 Cardinal Flower
15 Japanese maple close up
16 Cardinal Flower Close up

17 Japanese Maple
18 Japanese Maple close up

19 Saucer magnolia
20 Saucer magnolia close up

21 Japanese Maple

29 Hill, Pond Garden

25 Torri
22Crabapple close up
23Japanese Maple Close up

26 Hill and Pond, Torri
30 BBG Entrance

13 Shinto Shrine
24 Shinto Shrine
Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza neighborhood

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