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Cricket in Philly: Making a stand

June 15, 2003 Commentary Archives

New Jersey's Englewood Cricket team came to Philadelphia's Fairmont Park this weekend  (6-15-03) to play Philly's Frank Parsons team. I'm constantly being taught that quite often a Web Site's content chooses you, and not you it. I wasn't prepared for this encounter but opportunity being what it is, when it knocks....

Nowadays  Cricket is not a draw for a family outing anymore. Sucker that I'm for tradition, I feel a lost. There's no coming out to rally the 'home team' no, no. On this very nice day for Cricket you could count the audience on one hand -- no families -- just die-hard has-beens reminiscing about another time. Our American born children have no Interest in the game. All that's left, it seems, is a slow death for cricket -- here in Philadelphia at any rate.

As I wrote the following line I feel a certain sadness because save the coming of fresh Immigrants, there's no infusion; whatsoever, not even in the form of support, by the traditional Immigrant family. It is generally excepted by now that in this 'gimme quick world', this tradition-anemic world, where you can now buy the work of well known artist at K-Mart,  you'll have to admit cricket must seem slow if not archaic.

But they're efforts being made by some national cricket organizations to incorporate some changes. They're those who recognized this a long time ago but traditionalist die hard, especially when the traditional game is still played outside of the States.

Hopefully we're all onboard the principle by now, that evolution is a long process but those who survive are able to adapt quickly to change.

By way of tradition, contrast the events of the day before the cricket match. In this very area the Philadelphia carnival celebrations  flourished. Admittedly the comparison is a bit lopsided for the obvious reasons. Yet, one can hardly deny the obvious.

Take a look at Soccer in this country another immigrant sport that has been here as long as the immigrants themselves. It's not so recent rise as a mainstream American sport. The basics  of the game can be explained in one minute. Try explaining the cricket -- got time? Exactly. Let's go and jump up!

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