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Swanns Fountain
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In Philadelphia's Logan Square there is a large fountain called Swann Memorial Fountain (first thumbnail on the left) named after William J. Swann, President of the Philadelphia Fountain Society. This is the second focal point of the long vista of Ben Franklin's parkway.

In the circular basin of this fountain are alternately bronze frogs and turtles. In the raised
center are three bronze nude statues of a young girl, a man, and a woman; representing
the areas three rivers the Wissahickon, Delaware, and Schuylkill rivers respectively--
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Logan Square is the venue for many of Philadelphia ethnic parades and celebrations.
The Irony of it all, is that in its early history, some of the uses for this square was of
a more moribund nature.

In the early 1800s this square was referred to as Northeast Square. Its functions then
was that of  burial ground and gallows. It was also used as a recreation and sports area.

Present-day this alluring square, comes alive -- no pun intended -- with celebrations of
heritage and pride. During the summer and fall seasons.

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Logan square. Swann fountain in the near front, city hall, in the background