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Philadelphia Mural Arts

In our continuing effort to celebrate the richness of our neighborhoods we take a look at Philadelphia Mural Art Gallery in Puerto Rican  neighborhoods.
These very professional efforts are community involved undertakings made possible through grants and business sponsorships. Seen through to fruition, by dedicated artist. In some cases painting in neighborhoods off the beaten path.

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mvc-101f phila Murals Stories.jpg (Common Threads) "Common Threads." Philadelphia's tallest Mural. A depiction of historical figures each paired with and represented by contemporary young people. Artist: Meg Seligman
010 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "Mujeres"
Honoring Latina women
Artists: Danny Palanco, Joe Brenman,
Anabelle Rodriguez
0025 philadelphia Mural Stories thm.jpg "Edgar Allen Poe." And why not? This well preserved piece is painted on the side of a building in a low income housing project. Artist: Peter Pagast.
027 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "El Yunque" (Sunrise)
Puerto Rico The Caribbean rain forest   known as "El Yunque."  Artist: Jose Ali Paz, Michelle A, Ortiz
0009a Philadelphia Mural Stories.jpg "Philadelphia Muse." The members of Philadelphia's Arts community offers a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Goddesses who presided over the Arts and Sciences. Artist: Meg Seligman
040 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "El Yunque" (Sunset)
Artists: Jose Ali Paz, Michelle A. Ortiz
0014_phila_mural_arts_stories.jpg "Through Cracks in the Pavement."
This Mural makes a statement about hope
and possibility. Artist: Paul Santoleri
P1010047_phila_mural_arts_thm.jpg "Thank you Mr. Blackwell" Artist: Peter Pagast, Delia King, Larissa Danowitz
P1010006 phila Mural Arts Stories.jpg "Progress of Woman" Artist: Larissa Preston /Caesar Viverod
"Streets of Dreams"
Cliff Eubanks Jr.
P1010029_phila_Mural_StoriesA.jpg "The Gateway Mural " Independence Mall. A transformation from stone into human flesh, breaking free of the inflexible bonds of the past.
Artist: Meg Saligman
P1010002 phila mural arts thm.jpg "Heroes of north Philadelphia" .Grover Washington Jr. Artist: Cliff Eubanks, Nick Chapman, Walter Mercado, Eric OKdeh
004 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "Sonia Sanchez Family and Friends" About Sonia Sanchez
Sanchez is depicted here with other activists.
activist you'll recognize.
Artist: James Dupree
082 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg Artist: Jane Golden, Dietrl Adonis
036 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "Give love, give wings. Adopt!"
Artist: Cesar Viveros, Efrain Herrera
014 phila mural arts stories thm.jpg "Guardian of an Eden Regained"
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