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Philadelphia Mural Arts

Philadelphia Murals and the Stories they tell.

Philadelphia Murals and the stories they tell.  If you
were to travel to New York and many other cities around the States
and Europe, you will be appalled by the defacing of the cityscape by
the so-called graffiti artist.

In 1984 Philadelphia through it's  "Mural Arts Program" set out to
rid the city of these eye sores and has completed more than 2,100
indoor and outdoor Murals throughout Philadelphia. "This effort has
brought art to the cityscape, turning graffiti-scarred walls into scenic
views of, portraits of community heroes, and abstract creations."

The brevity of the descriptions below doesn't do justice to the exciting
context found in this book: Philadelphia Murals and the stories they tell.
From the artist background and the story that would eventually be repre-
sented by the finished product, these artists invites us into their thought
processes -- the anatomy of a Mural if you will.

These very professional efforts are community involved undertakings
made possible through grants and business sponsorships. Seen
through to fruition, by dedicated artist. In some cases painting in neighbor-
hoods off the beaten path, to put it mildly.

The "Anti-Graffiti Network" which started out as a youth program, the
forerunner to Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is a fine example of a com-
munity and city government working together to combat the defacing of the

Though Murals mostly representing the social ills of the inner cities
existed on the cityscape for some time prior to 1984. In Philadelphia this
was the year that saw the advent of the Murals Arts Program headed by
Jane Golden which has now created over two thousand indoor and out
door Murals each with a story to tell. While Philadelphia's Mural Arts
Program is not the first in the United States it is considered by some
to be the most dynamic.

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