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New York Halloween


New York City Halloween Parade 2013

It must have had something to do with Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since the parade was canceled due to the Sandy nightmare. I say this because normally arriving for the parade around 4:30 pretty much gave me a shot at a good spot.

This time around I had to struggle with the crowds and the New York City Police Department, crowd control paradigm, or  more to the point, the cattle corral.

 I had positioned myself at the corner of 6th Ave and 4th street, only to realize my worst fear. Once the parade started police activity was blocking my view.
A constant agitation that would soon force me to leave  there and seek a better viewing location elsewhere.

Fighting the crowds around the cattle corral, the surreal possibility started to set in; the possibility that with these masses, I may not  find an accessible spot from which to take  photos.

I plodded my way to  the corner of  6th avenue and 6th street. Here the event cameras were set up. A well lit, wide opened area ideal for nighttime digital photography, but sardines packed. Noting was moving. Here I'll wait it out.. I reasoned someone has to get tired of being squeezed.

My patience paid off. Around 9 0'clock, there was movement. I managed to squeeze forward to the second position from the rail and got my first clean photos.

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