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Bajan Style

Heritage Village: Nestled behind Tyrol Cot the residence of Barbados' first primier Heritage Village, is a microcosm of historic island dwellings referred to as "Chattel Houses." Many sovereigns of the islands life style historic and present-day, are available here.
 Residence: Bajan Historic chattel house Chattel house.
Sir Grantly Adams residence Tyrol Cot:
Residence of Barbados' first
Premier, Sir Grantley H. Adam
 Chattel house: Bajan Historic Residence Heritage Village Chattel houses.
An early form of residence. The name is
derived from the need for easy disassembly
and transport.

This practicality arose out of the need to
move .When no longer employed by your former benefactor

slave hut Authentic slave hut
Large photo here!

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