Harrison's Cave: These caverns hold a rich bounty of crystallized limestone formations of Stalactites, and Stalagmites. Water falls and pools of Crystal clear bubbling water.
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Harrison's Cave Harrison's Cave:
A very alluring approach, to what otherwise promises to be mother nature's natural progressive beauty. With a little help from farther-time. An interesting footnote. The former owner of this property Thomas Harrison, founded the Harrison Free School, today's Harrison College.
Stalactites Stalactites / Stalagmites:
This view of the caverns shows Stalactites (floor projectiles) and Stalagmites from the roof.
Stalagmites:Stalagmites. This photo can not reproduce the reality of presence when one first sees this Stalagmite. My immediate impression of this scene was that of a crystal chandelier.
Large photo here!

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