Grand Army Plaza Circle

Soldiers and Sailors' Memorial

Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Neighborhood.

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Grand Army of the Republic
'Soldiers and Sailors' Memorial' to the
civil war union forces.

The Grand Army Plaza Soldiers
and Sailors' Memorial is mounted by
five sculptures. As you enter the arch
there're sculptures on the left and
right walls representing Presidents
Lincoln and Grant respectively. On
the front of the monument in plain

view there are three sculptures supported
on the left side, right side and on the top.

Starting on the left side this sculpture
represents soldiers in active battle.

The sculpture on the right shows a Black
boy kneeled next to a cannon with pistol in
On his far right a soldier slumps
(wounded) as the figures standing behind
and to the left of him seem to prepare for
Positioned; somewhat, behind and over them, in what seems to symbolize a protector, is a bare-breasted female with a trident in her left hand, and on her right a large winged creature.

The sculpture Sitting on the top of the
memorial is a woman standing victoriously
in a horse-drawn carriage, carrying a banner in her left hand and a sword in her right hand.

Beside her two winged figures (one on either side) with horses, blowing their trumpets.

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