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Here in Caribbean related resources, the work-in progress continues Our mission statement: Empower the people. We're walking the walk
and talking the talk. Caribbean is much more than a place of diversity. I like to think of the Caribbean as being a diverse state of mind.

Growing up in the culture and living the culture here in the United States has given me -- I'm sure I speak for many -- an appreciation for the
culture as a whole and some of our delicate differences.
This is something I probably would not have experience were I still in Barbados. And of course our Caribbean Carnival celebrations being
the lightning rod for Caribbean people unity. But we're much more than carnival.

Brooklyn, New York West Indian Day Carnival Parade 2013
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Year photo, 2006

Brooklyn ,New York, West Indian Day Parade
A carnival masquerader entertaining one of New York's finest. While a bashful comrade's only wish is for a place to hide.


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Caribbean Trivia Corner
Posted: 4-22-07
Which Caribbean state has the highest kidnapping rate in the world, second only to Colombia?

A. Santo Domingo?
B. Trinidad?
C. Bermuda?
D. Jamaica?
E. None of the Above

If the answer is "E" (None of the above).
Check here for the answer a week from the
posted date.
 4-10-07 Quiz
Which Caribbean state has one of the  highest murder rates in the world
   Answer: Jamaica.
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