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Here on the Caribbean-American Bulletin Board  you'll find postings of important information for the communities consumption and important calls to action.

new itemHaitian Earthquake information

U.S. State Department's American Citizen Services line at 1-888-407-4747.
Face book Group for Haiti
Online scams for Haiti
American Red Cross
Employer Matching gifts program

USCIS (Immigration) Relocation to north east Philadelphia

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00a.m - 4:00p.m

From the city:

Take 95 north to Academy Road exit. Stay on Academy all the way. Continue past North East Auto Mall on the right and Northeast Philadelphia Airport on the left. After crossing Grant Avenue, Stay left..

The next street is Red Lion Road. At the corner is a police station. Make a left onto Red Lion Road, the next street is Drumond Road. USCIS building is directly in front of you, on the right.

From Roosevelt Bvld north

Stay in the left lane . Make a right on Grant Avenue. Stay left! Make a left on Academy Road. Stay left! The next street is Red Lion Road. Turn left at the police station. The next street on your right is Drumond Road. The USCIS building is directly in front of you on the  right.

From Roosevelt Bvld South

If you use Red Lion Road from Roosevelt Bvld it can get ugly. Red Lion Road from this approach, without warning, turns into Norcom Road. At the traffic light this is Comly Road, you'll then have to make a right on Comly Road. Stay right.

The next street is Decatur Road. Make a right on Decatur. Stay on Decatur, without warning, it turns into Red Lion Road. As you approach Academy Road, on your left is the USCIS building. A police station is on your right at the corner of Red Lion and Academy Road.

Energy assistance

The pain at the gas pump is a sour reminder of what could be coming this winter with our heating bills. The AARP Organization, Philadelphia gas, and Peco electric has programs in place to help. Follow the links below.


Flu Colds
Fever Chills High fever Low or none
Headache Usually rare
Tired and weakness Up to 3 weeks  rare
Runny nose
Sometimes usually
Soar throat
Chest discomfort
Muscle Aches and pains
Fever chills
common rare
Do you have the flu or the common cold.

With the prospects for the Avian Flue virus getting more ominous. For the safety and well-being of you and your family. Understand the difference between the common cold, and flu symptoms

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