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Ben Franklin Pkway Vista
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Along the beautiful vista of the Ben Franklin Parkway lies the Philadelphia Museum of Art at Eakins Oval This oval is named after Thomas Eakin a celebrated Philadelphian painter.

These museum steps are popularly recognized as the place of Rocky Balboa's triumph, in the movie "Rocky." Every year these museum steps are used as a staging area by performers as they prepare for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Academy of Science Academy of Natural Science: at Logan square. Swann fountain in the foreground. Here you'll see collections of models of extinct animals, stuffed birds, and other artifacts.
Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia City Hall Behind love park is Philadelphia's City Hall. The end of the Ben Franklin vista..
Black Soldiers Monument Monument to Black soldiers The sacrifice of Black soldiers is also recognized along this vista. Soldiers who served in various wars.
Ben Franklin Pkwy, City Hall Ben Franklin Parkway which Philadelphians enjoy year-round.
Swann Memorial Fountain Swann Memorial Fountain Logan's Circle (Click here). (north west square) -- one of the five squares designated by Pennsylvania's founder William Penn––a popular venue for many of the warm weather season, cultural celebrations. Here in Logan's Circle is this fountain are three statues depicting the area three rivers. During the warm weather seasons, children,--some of 'em adult size--frolic and play in the cool water.
P1010001 Shakespeare thm.jpg Shakespeare monument
Ben Franklin Institute_thm.jpg Ben Franklin Institute
Love Park Love ParkThe world renown skate boarders venue is no more. It is for people now. This park is one of three Philadelphia "Web to go" wireless hot spots.
Philadelphia Free Library The Free Library of Philadelphia is the main Philadelphia library and holds books and manuscripts thousands of years old.
Rodin Museum Rodin Museum. Ben Franklin Parkway vista: Showcasing the work of French sculpture Auguste Rodin–– referred to as the progenitor of modern sculpture–– in the sculpture art gallery and garden. Click here.
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