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Bajan Style

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Off the beaten path, Bajan style: A unique  perspective into areas of Barbados, not part of the general  tourist fair.   Historic and traditional residences: Chattel houses, plants and trees.
Image10A.gif Highest point in Barbados. Mount Hilaby
Image10A.gif Barbados trees Plants
Image10A.gif Barbados Wild life Preserve
Barbados Scenery
Image10A.gif Heritage Village Chattels

Image10A.gif Harrison's caves

Barbados Residences
 Residence: Bajan Historic Heritage Village Historic Chattel Barbados Chattel house. Barbados historic residence. Heritage Village. St. Michael
Breadfruit tree Bread Fruit Tree
Surely in another place and
time this nutritious fruit
would've been the salvation
of the British Empire's West
Indies colonies. With a hard
taskmaster, one Captain Bligh.

The survival of this plant took precedence over human lives.
Water for the Breadfruit plants;
shipmates...rationing." Mutiny
of the Bounty."

 Residence: Bajan Historic Heritage Village Historic Chattel houses. An early form of residence. 
The name is derived from the need for easy disassembly and transport.

This practicality arose out
of the need to move .When no longer employed by your former benefactor.

 Residence: Bajan exemplary Exemplary:View from Gun hill Lookout
 Residence: Bajan traditional Traditional residence.
 Chattel Village: Bajan Historic Holetown Chattel (Click) Village Chattel-excellence shops, on Barbados' gold coast.
Baobab tree Baobab tree: (Adansonia digitata) One of only two mature trees in Barbados. This remarkable tree of girth forty-four and a half feet... is believe to
have been brought here from Guinea,
Africa around 1738 making it over 250 years old.

It's jug-shaped trunk is ideally suited for storing water, an ideal adaptation in the dry savannah regions of it's native Africa. The
other even larger Baobab tree of girth sixty-one and a half feet is located in Queen's park, Bridgetown Barbados––
Barbados National Trust.

Emancipation Monumen (Bussa) Emancipation monument (Bussa): This monument stands in a traffic circle at Haggatt Hall in the parish of St. Michael. An inscription at the monument
base reads: This statue was erected by government and the people of Barbados to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of Barbados from the institution of slavery....On [the] 28th of March 1985.
 Residence: Bajan elegance Elegant: Date tree hill, St. Peter.
Bearded fig tree
Bearded fig tree

The name Barbados (Los Barbados)
"The bearded one," so called because of the beard-resembling nature of the islands shaggy fig trees––very plentiful at the time––was given it's name by Portuguese navigator Pedro Cameos who landed here on his way to Brazil.
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