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Don't Believe It!: How lies become the news
Alexandra Kitty

dont believe it Don't believe it

How Lies Become the News.

Archived: Informative Books Reviews

If you're new to this Website. This is a page of past book reviews from the "Informative Books Page." Please share your thoughts.

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The New China Town The New Chinatown
New York's Chinatown community.
How to lie with Statistics How to lie with Statistics:
"Darrel Darrel Huff runs the gamut of every popularly used type of statistic. He probes such things as the sample study, the tabulation method, the interview technique...which are
used to fool rather than inform."
Lest we Forget Book  Lest we forget "Based on materials from the nationally acclaimed Black Holocaust Exhibit. "Lest we forget" documents the plight of an estimated 100.000 million Africans, from their rich pre-slavery culture to their enslavement in a foreign land." My Soul Looks Back Less I Forget My Soul looks back less I forget is a 498 pages compilation of quotes by
African American and other notable figures in the struggle for a free peoples.
Philadelphia Mural Arts Philadelphia Mural Artsand the stories they tell." Professionally done, larger than life wall art, painted on the side of buildings. From Bomba to Hip-Hop "From Bomba to Hip-hop:Puerto Rican culture and Latino identity."
... lumped together as Latinos and Hispanics: the new millennial minority...this book helps define our complexities, tell our history, and map our future."-- Julia Alvarez
A Soldiers Heart A Soldier's Heart

Poetry in Iraqi. How very poetic. is a poetic pieces written by Laura E. Johnson who found inspiration for this book of poetry
while stationed in Iraq.

Judging Thomas  Judging Thomas
"It is assumed for what ever reason we cannot compete with whites when it comes to intellectual pursuits." Thomas said...We are not objects of charity and refuse to be treated as objects of disdain...
Black Jacks "Black Jacks:African African American Seamen in the time of sail."...the history of Black sailors with some-
thing of the mildewed stench of the fore-
castle and the bracing aroma of the open sea,...shipboard tyranny and the liberating possibilities of the sea." -- Ira Berlin
  A Soldier Never Cries A Soldier Never Cries

Laura E. Johnson

Snitch Culture Snitch culture: How citezens are turned into the ears and eys of the State
Coercion Coercion: Why we listen to what they say. "An important book...a clear warning to Americans who are unaware of the power of words to intentionally misleads, listener, or viewer. Read this book and nobody gets hurt."

--Senator Bob Kerrey
Black Skin White Masks Black Skin White Masks"Few modern voices have had as profound an impact on the Black... consciousness movement around the world, as Frantz Fanon. Black Skin White Mask is the unsurpassed study of the Black Psyche in a white world."
-Frantz Fanon
Restavec: Haitian slave child  Restavec "This autobiography of a young man who escaped the mosty foreboding of circumstances... His courage in dealing with and  overcoming a  wrenched existence in Haiti and the dehumanizing effects of racism in the United States..."
From Different Shores From Different Shore An excellent introduction to debates about the 'nature and meaning of America's social diversity' in the last fifteen years...Rewarding."
-- Journal of American Ethnic History
Roots of Calypso The Roots of Calypso Take a lesson: Black Achievers Take a lesson
This book should have a special place in your library. What better lesson is there than practical experience, and the wisdom that comes with it.From those who have been there and done it.
Harlem Renaissance Reader The Harlem renaissance

David Leavering Lewis


Loosing the Race Losing the race is a sincere call to face the unpleasant truths behind [some] Black underachievement...

--Wall Street Journal

Hispanic Nation Hispanic nation tracks "a key identifying shift...with important consequences for all Americans because, in merging their separate national background into a new identity. The Monster at our Door The Monster at our Door Africans in America Africans in America
America's journey through slavery
The loss of El dorado The Loss of El Dorado "A formidable achievement...No historian has attempted to weave together in so subtle a manner the treads of the most complex and turbulent period of Caribbean history."

-- The Times Literary Supplement
The Wreched of the Earth

In Wretched of the Earth, Frantz Fanon dealt broadly with the psychology of the colonized and the oppressed, reflecting their outrage and frustration.

This book was printed in 25 different languages and sold over a million copies in English alone.

Media Virus Media Virus:
It's impossible to read this book and not feel compelled
to reassess technology's impact on today's popular
culture. --The New York Times
The Polished Hoe The Polished Hoe The beauty of the novel lies in the poetry of its telling and the marvelous voice of Mary Matilda....It bubles with the voice of a new-vast litera6teure of the African Diaspora --San Francisco Chronicle
The Hip-Hop Generation The Hip-Hop Generation

Bakari Kitwana

Shower Posse Shower Posse "For most of the 1980s the Shower Posse stretched from coast to coast, dominating the cocaine trade and leaving a trail of unsolved murders in its wake...Jamaican politicians...CIA." Austin Clark Reader Austin Clark Reader "Clarks work is unique, surprising, comfortable, until the moment when it becomes uncomfortable and then one realizes one had learned something new..."

--Norman Mailer

black brothers Inc Black brothers...known in its legitimate guise as Black Brothers Inc.,...Its ferocious crew of gunmen grew around burly founder Sam Christian, the most feared man on Philly's streets

Author :Sean Griffin

Is Bill Cosby Right Is Bill Cosby Right
Author Eric Dyson poses the question. Is Cosby right: Or has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?. He then goes on to deliver a blistering personal criticism of Bill Cosby.
Forging Freedom:Black Society Forging Freedom  "Nash's book is a major contribution to our understanding of Black life in the early American republic; it's a vivid and compelling account  of the evolution of Philadelphia's Black community..."

-- Eric Foner,  American Historical Review
Uncle Tom or new Negro Uncle Tom or new Negro

Rebecca Carroll

Unlimited Wealth Unlimited Wealth
Damned Lies and Statistic Damned Lies and Statistics:Untangling numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists

Author :Joel Best


Boricuas: An Anthology Boricuas
An Anthology of Puerto Rican writers
One Drop of Blood : Race in America One Drop of Blood India unbound India unbound
A Brief History of the Caribbean A Brief History of the Caribbean First Principles First Principles dont believe it Dont believe it    

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