A modest Jester: Misbehaving

In the court of Caribana  opinion, for the purpose of this piece. I am but a modest Jester
...observing, commenting, and taking photos for your viewing pleasure.

But first a thought. Preparing for Boston Caribbean carnival parade. I could not help but revisit
the frustration I felt at the 2002 parade. Less I should repeat the mistakes that led to that outing,
on Boston's Blue Hill Avenue, i.e., not properly checking my equipment before hand. This led to
problems with the primary and back up cameras.

P.P.P.P.P. I picked up this acronym from a Robert Segal movie, at this moment I can't recall the
name. The five Ps as they're called: "Poor Preparation Produces Piss-poor Performance," has
since become a living mantra.

With that out of the way I would reflect on the parades  I have covered so far this year only
to find myself back again in Toronto's Exhibition Park, at "the parade of the bands."

As the skies opened up and started to rain down on the parade. I desperately struggle to keep
my lens clean. I'm all wet by now, but resourceful as I am,  managed to find a dry spot where my
undershirt was tucked into my pants. Now, I'm running out of ways to keep my powder dry, in a
manner of speaking, when a savior emerged from the stands and handed me an umbrella. It was
my companion Cecelia.

Now with my efforts refocused, there's  bacchanal of the horizontal kind going  in the wet
streets in every sort-of-way. I was told that the observers huddled under shelter silently shook
their heads in disapproval.

Now in my role as Jester, I'll admit I've had my taste. Bacchanal is sweet. But I find  tasting in
a vertical position most satisfying: I can gulp, (long, short and roll) I have the freedom to propose
a toast (wineback) and the chances of being crushed, (taking your sip too close to a truck) are at
best, minimal.

Taking your sip lying down is generally in bad taste. It's just not proper. It shows that you just
don't know your wine. Quite frankly, my mother would be very disappointed seeing this, and she
knows nothing but wine. Umh! Ummmhh! sitting down in de wet road giya pain in ya belly. It en
bad enough ya woking up in de street. Now ya lying down to? Now unto Boston, this ain't no tea
part. This is bacchanal.

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